Tuesday, October 17, 2017

DIY Little Black Clutch, pt 1

   With both a main compartment and an inner zippered pocket, this little black clutch is perfect for carrying all your necessities without having to drag along your entire purse. Here's how to make your own! 

- Two 6 1/2" by 10 1/2" pieces of black fabric (shell)
- One 1 1/2" by 10" long strip of black fabric (wrist loop)
- Two 6 1/2 by 10 1/2" pieces of gray fabric (lining)
- One 6" by 10 1/2"piece of gray fabric (pocket of lining)
- Two 9 1/2" long zippers (color of your choice) 
- Sewing machine
- Thread (black)
- Sewing chalk
- Pins 

   Before getting started, you should be warned this is a complicated project only for the brave and adventuresome in heart. Proceed with caution! 

   First, let's work on the inner pocket of the lining. Take the smaller piece of gray fabric (the 6" by 10 1/2" piece) and one of the zippers and line up the zipper with where you want it to lie on the pocket. 

   Mark where the zipper starts and ends on the fabric and then cut a slit in the fabric. 

   Line up the bottom edge of the zipper with the top edge of the slit, pin, and sew in place. 

   This is the tricky part so pay close attention.
   Fold the top part of the zipper and the fabric over, tuck the top part of the zipper into the slit so that it comes out on the other side, line it up with the edge of the slit, pin, and sew in place. 

   Once done, it should look like this: 

   Voila! You've completed the the pocket. Now let's attach the pocket to the lining. 

   Take one of the pieces of lining (the 6 1/2" by 10 1/2" piece) and line it up with the top of your pocket, making sure to tuck it in-between the fabric and the zipper. Pin it down and sew.

   Fold the lining over, pin, and sew around the bottom and the edges, but not the top. 

   When you flip it over to the front, it should look like this:

   Congratulations! You've completed the inner pocket of the lining! 

   Be sure to check back next week for part two as we work on the shell of our clutch. 

~ Gloria

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Long-Sleeved Blouse to Cute Peplum Top

     There were two reasons I wanted to rescue this shirt. First, it was my mother's when she and my father took their engagement photo 21 years ago.

   Second, I really like the peplum-style frill at the bottom of the shirt. 

Oh, did I mention it's 100% silk?

     Now, for the upcycle. First I turned the shirt inside-out and unpicked the sleeves, being very careful not to rip the material. 

Next, I took in about a half inch from both sides.

     For the sleeves, I first hemmed them a bit to fit the slightly smaller armholes, pinned them, and sewed them back onto the blouse.

     After trying on the blouse, I decided to make it short sleeved instead of long sleeved. In hindsight, I probably should have done this before reattaching the sleeves to the blouse to ensure the sleeves were exactly the same length. Fortunately, the lengths were only slightly off. 

My new peplum top is finished!

~ Gloria

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Tailor a Shirt in 15 Minutes

     Surprisingly, this was one of the easiest sewing projects I've ever attempted!

- Sewing machine
- Black thread
- Scissors
- Sewing chalk 

     First, figure out how much you need to take in. I ended up taking in half an inch from both sides. Turn you shirt inside out and mark along the edges how much needs to be taken in.

     Sew along the lines.

     Lastly, cut off any excess material and serge the raw edges (or if you're like me and don't have a fancy serger, use a zig-zag stitch). 

     You're finished! Put on your new shirt and proudly show off your tailoring skills. 

~ Gloria