Friday, June 24, 2016

How to Make a Cape

   One of my many childhood dreams was to gallop across an open field on a horse with a cape flowing from my shoulders. With the help of Pinterest, part of that dream came true. 

- About 2 yards of fabric
- Scissors
- Thread
- Thin cord
- A button
- Needle
- Chalk
- Sewing machine

Difficulty level: medium

   A cape is is basically a large circle skirt cut in half. Take your fabric and fold it in half. Measure 6" from the top left corner, where the fabric was folded over, and carefully trace a half-circle with your chalk. That will be the neck part of the cape. Then measure 40" from the edge of the neck and draw another half circle.  

   Cut along your lines. When unfolded, your cape should look like this:

   Pin along the outer edges and sew.

   For the neck, I found I had to cut a small slit in the center to get it to fold properly.

   To make the hood for your cape, take some of the leftover fabric and measure it against the cape's neck to determine how wide to make it. Then figure out how long you want the hood. The longer the hood, the more droopy it will be. The dimensions for mine were 7" wide by 14" long. 
Don't forget to leave room to hem the sides so they don't fray.

   Pin the hood to the neck and sew.

   After sewing on the hood, it looked too pointy, so I rounded it off some.

   We're almost done! Using your needle and thread, sew on the button to one side of the neck on your cape.

   On the other side, form your thin cord into a loop and sew it on as well.

   The cape is complete!

   The cape I made for myself:

   Now to find a horse...



  1. This is so cool, Gloria! Love your red cloak. :)

  2. I'm eagerly awaiting your next post: How To Make A Horse. Keep us updated

  3. Nice job on the capes! The red one really provides great contrast with the surroundings!

    1. Thanks! I was originally thinking to do mine in a more muted color like my brother's, but then I thought, why not go bold? Hence, the color red was chosen.


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