Have you ever walked into a fabric shop and been awed by the rows of vibrant fabrics? Or stood in front of a case full of multicolored beads and longed to string them onto a necklace or bracelet? Maybe a uniquely patterned sheet of paper caught your eye and begged you to do something exotic with it. Those sparks of inspiration can ignite a fire of creativity often resulting in beautiful pieces of art.

   As a lover of all things crafty, I've experimented in projects ranging from clothing refashions to quilled cards to pillow making. I've found that the two key ingredients in any kind of project are inspiration and perseverance. Inspiration will get you started and perseverance will see you through to the end. Hopefully, this blog will be both a source of inspiration and encouragement to try your hand at DIY projects. They might be easier than you think!



  1. I really love all the projects that you have here!


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