Saturday, October 17, 2015

An Easy DIY Infinity Scarf

   With the onset of fall, a new infinity scarf was in order. So after rummaging around in my mom's old clothes, I found this shirt and (with her permission) commenced to transform this much too large shirt into something that I could wear.

   First the pockets came off.

   Then four panels were cut out of the shirt.

   Then I folded each of the panels in half (making sure that the good side was on the inside) and sewed them using a zig-zag stitch.

   Four inside-in tubes.

   Now it's time to start connecting the pieces together. The ends were carefully pinned together and sewed using a straight stitch. 

   Before connecting the last two ends together to make a loop, I turned the almost finished scarf inside out.

   Then I hand-sewed the last two ends together.

Ready for fall!



  1. That is a very nice scarf! Neat to see how you made it. I would never have suspected it was made out of an old shirt!


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