Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas Kid Craft

   Pompoms are super easy to make and so much fun to use!

 - Various colors of yarn (I prefer to pre-cut the yarn I'll be using for the pompom)
 - Scissors
 - A helping hand

Combine the various colors of yarn and bundle them together. Cut one long piece of yarn and place the bundle in the center of it.

Tie tightly (this is where you may need help).

Fluff and trim as necessary.




  1. Hi! Thanks for your comments on my blog. I would be thrilled to do a guest post. I'd love for you to in exchange do one on my craft page! I haven't yet done a guest post, so I'm not quite sure where to go from here, lol.

    1. That sounds great! Alright, so first you're gonna have to give me your email address. That'll make it easier for us to communicate. ;)

  2. Looks like a fun, easy way to make ornaments!


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