Friday, January 20, 2017

How to Remove a Turtleneck

     I've never liked turtlenecks. They're like built-in-nooses designed to choke the very breath out of you. Imagine my joy when I discovered there's a way to remove them without ruining the sweater! 

- Turtleneck sweater 
- Thread-picker
- Pins
- Sewing machine
- Sewing chalk (optional) 

     First, turn the sweater inside-out. You'll notice there's a line of stitching connecting the turtleneck to the sweater. 

     Insert your thread-picker into one of the stitches and unstitch for a short stretch. 

     Turn the sweater inside-in. You'll notice a thread has been loosened. Pull on this thread and the entire turtleneck will "unzip."

     At this point, you could do several things: 1) leave the raw edge as it is, 2) fold the edge over and sew it down, or 3) turn it into a v-neck. I opted for the third choice. 

     First draw with your sewing chalk how deep you want the v-neck. Keep in mind you'll need to fold and sew the edge down, so leave room for that. 

     Cut out your v-neck. 

     Fold over the edge (I decided to double fold) and pin. 

    Finally, sew it down. Be very careful to NOT STRETCH the sweater. I accidentally did that and it caused the edge to be wavy. Just allow the machine to pull the sweater through. 

     Ta-da! Your sweater is done!



  1. Looks like a handy tip for those who prefer v-necks to turtlenecks. With the cold weather these days, I'm liking my turtlenecks...but I couldn't help but chuckle upon reading your description of what turtlenecks mean to you. :D

    1. Hehe! My sister also likes turtlenecks. She describes them as being "neck-warmers." I just see them as nooses. :P


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